Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Studio Make Over.... Guilds.... Another Show at the Library!!!!

My new studio make over. I am very excited. It is not quite finished, but at least I can work in here now. The L desk I built from a couple of Ikea pieces which were not suppose to go together, but with a little ingenuity... Voila! A huge work space for my little studio.

Next to the desk is my comfortable chair and another Ikea piece that Jesse helped me build. Thanks to Jesse I couldn't have done it without him... It weighs a ton! As I said before lots more tweeking has to happen.

Well, I took the plunge and rejoined my old quilt guild. I went to the quilt show at the automobile museum and had fun. And on Monday I went to the meeting and had a very good time. A great group of ladies, but not super adventurous. They seem to be pushing everyone to expand their horizons, which is very cool. Especially since I always felt like they all thought I was completely nuts.

Speaking of Nuts, why did I agree to do another show at the Library. Mostly I just have framing to do, as the silk-screens were done years ago, but I am doing a bunch of new watercolors for the show. I wonder sometimes what I was thinking when I agreed to do back to back shows. I am as crazy girl!

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