Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Winning at the State Fair

Sunflowers - Best in Division

Okay, so a fellow quilter talked me into entering some quilts into the Nevada State Fair, and once I was on the website I saw the section for knitting and decided to enter some knitted items also.

Although I entered 10 pieces 5 quilts and 5 knitted items. I only had 9 at the Fair. Number 10, my Africa revisited quilt, I didn't finish in time, but I am loving it. I made it two-sided and now I love the back, which has become the front... What was I thinking? Not only did I decide to enter an uncompleted quilt, but I decided to make it a queen size, piece the entire back and hand quilt it sashiko style. Honestly it was finished in time just not quilted. Crazy!?!

I made out fairly well for just entering on a whim.

Close Up of the Sunflowers

Although this didn't win a ribbon, I thought I would repost this with the embellishments, and yes those are washers from the hardware store.

Green Camel Wool Shrug - First Place and Best of Division
It received a perfect score of 100!

Pink Mohair Sweater - First Place

Cole's Blue Baby Sweater - Second Place

Multi-Colored Fingerless Gloves - Second Place

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Clayhaus said...

Congrats on all of your awards Pam: this is great! I really like the reptile paintings as well. You are a font of artistic talent!