Thursday, May 17, 2012

Time flies...

Well, another year has rushed by.  Where did it go?  How come time seems to be speeding up?   The older I get the faster it moves.  Crazy, huh!

Well, it has been a year of many big changes....  My youngest is out of high school and in college;  My eldest came home from a year of living, working & trekking in New Zealand and is off to a summer job in Alaska;  After many months of house hunting,  I finally found a house that I can call home;  My mother bought a house in SLC, Utah and is planning her move after living most of her life in SoCal;  And my father, who had been suffering with vascular dementia, passed away suddenly after a rapid decline. 

Some year race by without leaving their mark --- but this year has left an indelible mark on me... And the best part is all that stress has pushed me to get some work done.  Why does stress help my creativity?  I thought that my creativity had left or something?  But it was only a hiatus.  She is back, and I am enjoying working again. 

Don't get me wrong I haven't been doing nothing all year.... but quilting was taking a back seat to knitting. 

I have belonged to an art quilt group, "Quilting Without Boundaries", for a while, but in the last year I have begun to attend on a regular basis.  And most importantly participate in the monthly challenges on a regular.  Every month we pick a word or technique as a starting spot.  This year we are concentrating on surface design, my favorite. 

I also volunteered to get us some gallery space, and we are currently hanging our quilts in a local libraries gallery.  It is a great show... very diverse.  Below are the quilts that I hung in the show.

'Memories of Loss'  This quilt was made to honor my dad.  I began it when my he first went into the hospital by the time it was finished he had passed away.  This was made using the fabrics from the rusting and stamp-making surface design challenges & the 'key' challenge.  Additionally I used my own ice-dyed, hand-dyed & marbled fabrics.  I embellished with glass beads, metal charms and washers.     
Details of 'Memories of Loss' 
'Zendoodle Sunflowers'  This quilt was done as part of a zendoodle challenge.  All of the fabrics are my own hand-dyes.  I embellished with Swarovski crystals and beading.

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