Thursday, March 24, 2011

Okay! I Offically suck at this!

Okay!  So, I am admitting it. I love knitting and quilting, but blogging I just can't seem to get it together. 

I have been working like a crazy person for the past year...  Knitting sweaters, cowls, fingerless gloves and socks. I started a new quilt series for an upcoming show!   I even did a bunch of commissioned quilted pieces.   Yet, I just can't seem to get to blogging. 
So, no promises about getting anything up on my blog, but here is what I have been working on for the past couple of months.

This is a scarf I knitted for my son, Cole, for Christmas.

I bought this yarn in Salt Lake City over Christmas, before I took my vow of "No Yarn Purchases for the Year".  It is Tranco by Araucania 100% Cashmere.  It is beautiful to wear and so light and lovely.

These fingerless gloves were made for my son, Jesse.  They were knitted from the fingertips down in a Spud & Chloe fine sock yarn. They came out wonderfully, but I did rip them out half a dozen times.

"Apple Shrine" - This small quilt is part of a series I am working on for an up coming show.  I wanted to make "Food Shrines".  First I drew pictures of some of my favorite foods on fabric, then hand colored the images.  Next I looked for quotes to include on the fronts about the food being celebrated, which I transferred to the fabric using a Citra-Solv transfer method. I used all of my own hand-dyed fabrics.

Close up of "Apple Shrine".

Fingerless gloves knitted for a friend in Cherry Hill's jewel tone sock yarn.


sobriquet said...

Wow Pam, love the Apple Shrine! Just beautiful, look forward to seeing more. Don't feel bad about not blogging, I haven't since last summer!

Anonymous said...

Great work